Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Garden History Final

OK, so I've been slacking a bit. My bad. Anyway, here's another post. This is a urban Garden landscape of the future. A central garden in the middle of a concrete jungle. Um, These thumbs are inspired by "green" architecture and living. Green is in!


KENSEI said...

A garden within a concrete jungle will be a nice contrast, cool. I like the first 2 on the 3rd row. Though I'd like to see a few that have more of that sharp contrast between an urban block and the "great city where eveyone wants to live" in the distant background...but thats only if your going for that feel, atleast thats what I think of.....actually, thats what I feel like,....:( Can't wait to see the final.

Anonymous said...

Nice man, Thanks.

Marcus said...

I agree, guess what I'm using exactly that one. :)