Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ink Monster Zen

Well tonight in Business 101 Stefan Buchar of Came to speak to the class. Man this guy is awesome. He created a blog where he creates these ink monsters which he obviously loves making. I can honestly say this guy knows what he wants to do with his art career and his life. Very inspirational. He talked a little bit about blogging and how he perceived it. He said "why blog unless your really into it. It's exhausting". I grinned and thought ain't that the truth.
"It requires a certain momentum, you have to stay in touch with it. If it's a daily habit it's easier to train yourself. With a weekly blog you and all your visitors lose interest and eventually begin to neglect it". I agree, everyday one should post something, anything as long as you're into it and it's not being forced. Buchar says," When one post everyday It removes the preciousness of each individual piece and your less hesitant to post". Besides this he gave some great advice regarding dealing with clients and making a decision to live life as a human being not a mere profit making robot. He decided along time ago to put himself on greed control.

The quote or phrase he left us with was brilliant, it applies to both relationships and working with clients,
" Be Useful, Don't Be Lazy,
You'll Never Be Hungry or Alone."


KENSEI said...

.....certainly sounds inspirational. Cool of you to share that....Though I still think my max is a bi or tri-weekly post routine, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey, man whatever works for you as long as your not forcing anything.