Wednesday, July 4, 2007

orange car

Ok, so the perspective was off. Yeah too high in term to be making stupid mistakes like that. so i fixed it. tell me what you think.


KENSEI said...

Dude, no wonder you lost track of time. You were workin' like a man on this, lol. You've got some awesome stuff going on. That whole front grill looks freakin' great and the "tattoo" panels translated well on the sides. The space where the x was is looking better, too. I love the color of the car and the overall palette, would like to see more of the ambient color on the underside of the chassis though. The only thing that looks strange on the car is the top, it's a combination of it being too flat and too wide. Im not sure, but from the looks of the side view, I think the arc of your window should come forward more?,...but I dunno, just looks strange. I still think that straight mark over the the arc of the front wheel looks awkward. The smoke and the lights are too distracting and look a little chalky but it looks like you just put them in so I'll wait a little more for the final verdict. Can't wait to see this finished, it's most certainly going to be a strong piece. Hope this feedback helps.

Marcus said...

Thanks man! I appreciate that. The updated side view of the car is on my website. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! the perspective is off....or not off just out of the cone of vision.. :(

THOM said...

skodakai! whatup marcus. how is senior year treating you? i miss hanging with you guys.

here go my art center crit: i love the general mood/atmosphere of the piece [a night drive through some light fog] and the graphic shapes on the car are very cool. the wheelbase feels a little long [+/- 8 wheels?] i think you could grad some blue in from the right side of the background and/or some warmer light coming from the left just to keep it from being too flat and all one color back there - give it some more depth. and if that's a shiny car i think you could reflect some more of the environment color into the clearcoat. if you're going for a flatter animated look stylistically then i think the car could get a bit more charicatured to match the genre [maybe that's what you're doing with the longer wheelbase?] or simplifying the graphics.

rock on.