Saturday, June 30, 2007

Main character:: Slim Ideations

Hello again! So here are some exploration studies for my main character Slim. I want this character to stand in contrast to the world around him. Majority of the other character are really wacky and pushed. This character is more conservative because he takes himself really seriously.

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KENSEI said...

Yo, nice to finally see the lengendary Slim taking form..I like that aproach of toning his wackiness down (it's risky) but I'd like to see some more tweaking in certain areas that will still keep him conservative but at the same time belonging to the same world. Because of the propotions you've chosen, his ears are a key feature in the framing of his face and they've stayed pretty much the same. Same deal with the trumpet, I'd like to see the shape and the divisions inside the ear change. You can do the same with the hairline and still keep it subtle. Use the same elements on each of the features to make each design whole. You have alot of soft round curves, maybe try a couple with more edgy, straight lines.......So far, I like the first one on the second row...keep it coming