Friday, June 29, 2007

My Style

Um, yeah. So I got sick of that one car i did about a year ago at Highmoon. I 've been thinking about doing this for a while. So finally last night i sat down and started it. This is a car idea that ive had for some time now based on tribal tattoo's. This is still the rough render so their will be a hell of a lot of changes the next post. I just layed in some color loosely to give me some kind of idea of where i want to take this. Yeah the next one will be in perspective.


KENSEI said...

Yeah, its pretty early for some concrete Looks interesting so far with the "tatted" chassis, nice colors though I would like to see in the end a difference in color between the rims/ floor.....other than that,...keep going??......oh, and have fun w/ the perspective ;) lol

KENSEI said... style you say?, style is the style of giving feedback without giving you want to see a demonstration on that upcoming island?..,lol

Anonymous said...

LOL. Nice. Old Bruce Lee. Well im going to finish it tommorow can't wait to hear your feedback then!